Chasing Shadows (Single)

by Daneka Gold

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Tiido I wish this was on a 12" 45rpm, such a magnificent track, beautiful sounds and voice and absolutely nailed what it was going for <3 Favorite track: Chasing Shadows (Full Vox Mix).
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"Chasing Shadows" by Daneka Gold, a take on the late 80s/early 90s sound of Eurobeat and Italo Disco with some 90s house influences. BPM 130.


released October 3, 2015

Vocals by Hana Leakey
Written & Produced by Carlos A




Axis Mundi Studio New Jersey

Axis Mundi Studio is a home studio in Central New Jersey!

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Track Name: Chasing Shadows (Full Vox Mix)

I see you walking out, in the night
You tell me "baby don't leave it all behind"
You know it's never the same without my love

Don't have the time to forgive it all
Or make you see that you need me here and now
I'll leave it up to you now,
Don't fool around with my heart


If tomorrow, you'll be gone, I'll be alright
I don't care anymore
No there's nothing you can do to change my mind
I'm not wasting my time


I'm tired of chasing shadows in the night
And looking for a different sensation
I'm over making memories I know I'll throw away

I'm tired of chasing shadows in my life
And living everyday with this feeling
I'm going to find a better love for me, somehow someday


I can't believe what I hear from you
It's like I don't even know you any more
We've come so far to give up
But I know I can't take any more

There's nothing else you can say to me
Why cant you leave it alone, just let it be
Don't wanna bring up the past,
We've kept it hidden away for long